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To grow new facets of life

Life, a one-syllable word, is easy to pronounce but hard to express. What do we understand by life? Each has his own meaning, own perspective to look at life. As views changes from person to person so does life. Life has many facets. It is a combination of aspects, for example, work & career, love, personal development, spiritual, family, friends, lifestyle, etc. The list is endless and I can go on and on but that is not the point. Someone can lack in one while others on a different side. As the saying goes, Life goes on. But we could make it better it is completely in our hands. How? We can learn to grow new facets of life.

What do we understand by ‘facets of life’?

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The word facet can be described as ‘a side or aspect of something’. Sounds simple when it is alone but when it gets associated with ‘life’ it gets a bit more complicated. Whenever life has been simple anyway?

When these two words are put together a whole lot of universe can be opened up. Life has many faces & parts. As mentioned above it is a string of numerous small beads. Each bead with a different name on it and all of them are strung with this thread called Life. Let’s say, for example, your personality forms one bead, your working career another, then comes your love life, your personal goals, your health, etc. This string can stretch for miles with uncountable beads.

How can we grow new facets of life?

This sounds like a humongous task impossible to achieve. But in reality, it is not that difficult. Yes, you will face problems, you will feel let down, at times you will consider quitting. All of these are normal circumstances that you will go through while building a new feature of yourself. Let’s get on with the how part. How can we grow new facets of life?

  1. Looking out for signs

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This is the primary thing to do: Become self-aware. Our body gives us signs that tell us that there is something wrong going on here. We need to look out for these signals. If we saw them then that means change is in order. Some bad habits would have to go out of the window some would need a bit of modification. While at times, we would need to develop new practices. These indicators can be any of the following.

  • Getting angry without any rhyme and reason
  • Getting irritated at anything and everything
  • Losing sleep
  • Feeling exhausted all the time
  • Not happy with, for example, yourself: physical appearance or thinking process
  1. Understanding where the problem lies?

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When you have recognized the signs, the next step is to evaluate. Then you need to figure out the ‘why & what’. Why are you angry? What makes you feel distressed? Why a person’s habit annoys the hell out of you? You need to look for the reason. For that to happen you need to ask yourself questions. Yes, sometimes well, most of the time the answer would be ugly. It would be you never expected or was not thinking about. But despite that, you need to go on and figure out the cause.

  1. Action & Change

Yup, you guessed it right. The next step is to do something about it otherwise, our whole effort would go straight down the drain. What should we do? What should be our course of action? Let’s take a look below.

  • Make a list ( Do look at it from time to time to know that you striving for the thing you set and had not ventured away from your original goal)
  • Set reminders (We tend to forget why we started or how we were proceeding so setting reminders will help you a long way)
  • Set small goals (Rome was not built in a day and your goal won’t be achieved in one too. Break your target into smaller targets and get to work on it)
  • Reward yourself for achieving those small goals (it act as a booster)
  • Keep moving (Do not quit it going halfway)
  • Be stubborn (You need this)
  • Be regular, persistent in your efforts (This is the key. Skipping in between is not allowed, you have to be consistent in your endeavors)
  • Turn a blind eye to offensive people (those who say- Tumse na ho paayega)
  • Believe in yourself (never listen to the nonsense of others and have a bit of faith in yourself. You know why you are doing this, your thoughts are clear, you are aware that if you get it done you will benefit from it. Then trust yourself too. Trust that you will do it, not muck this up. You deserve this.)
  • Pray (not expected, I know, but very effective. Be positive about it and pray without any doubt. This is the magical ingredient that will make everything come true in the end.)

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I hope this helps when you decide to grow new facets of your life. To read more do check this article by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:https://www.speakingtree.in/blog/different-facets-of-life

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