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Top 5 Places For Stargazing

Top 5 places for stargazing

Astronomy can be intimidating for beginners. After all, there is a whole universe out there, of which we are just an atomic element. Stargazing comes under the context of amateur astronomy. Amateur astronomy refers to a hobby where participants enjoy observing or imaging celestial objects in the sky using the unaided eye, binoculars, or telescopes.

When these amateur astronomers become a bit pro, they tend to search for places that provide the best view of the night sky. For them, space is never the limit. So, we at Neuronerdz got you covered with the top 5 places from which the night sky looks awesomely alluring.

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Ishigaki National Park, Japan

Ishigaki National Park is located in the Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. It is located around the Yaeyama Islands of the East China Sea. This National Park is famous for its unusual preservation and promotion of night skies. Visitors claim that they have seen the night sky at its best at this park. Tourism may be a significant industry within the islands, and entrepreneurs and tour operators within the area are increasingly catering to the astro-tourism sector. With it comes the belief that local lighting practices contribute to conserving the resource that pulls a steadily increasing amount of local economic activity. In the last few years, a group of local and regional governments, civic organizations, and interested residents have worked to market the general public appreciation of dark skies. To that end, local lighting policies are improved and new lighting guidance issued.
The population is heavily concentrated into Ishigaki City on Ishigaki Island, which is Yaeyama’s seaport, airport, and main commercial hub. Despite a city of this huge size located within the periphery of the Park, much of the acreage of the islands routinely achieves Silver- and Gold-tier night sky quality.

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Natural Bridges and Monuments, Utah, USA

Imagine sitting on a warm summer night rummaging through a huge natural bridge hidden during a canyon in remote southeast Utah. Thousands of years ago a river changed course, cutting through solid rock and creating one among the foremost magnificent natural bridges within the world. The bridge forms a window into a sky crammed with thousands of stars bright enough to cast a shadow. The exact same stars the ancestral Puebloans observed 800 years ago.

These natural bridges are an awe to the eyes of the onlookers and stargazers who come here to have a glimpse of the amazing night sky. There are numerous of these natural bridges and monuments in Utah, which provide an awesome view of the night sky filled with stars and other celestial bodies. Although there is some night pollution produced due to the multitude of lights of the nearby cities, it never stops thousands of enthusiastic stargazers and astronomers who visit Utah just to get a mere glimpse of the night sky.

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Atacama Desert, Chile

The view through the eyepiece of the telescope is awe to the eye while one stargazes through the night skies of the Atacama Desert, Chile. The stars appear like tiny diamonds spread on a black velvet canvas, continuously sparkling against a fathomless backdrop of empty space.

Chile is nothing short of a paradise to an astronomer as the country is famous for its lush valleys and snowcapped volcanoes. However, the most striking scenery that Chile provides can only be viewed when one turns his head upwards towards the sky during the night. It is the home to one of the best stellar sceneries in the world. No matter if you are an amateur astronomer or a pro, Chile is definitely your place to spend a night.

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Kruger National Park, South Africa

On a transparent night, a lookup to the heavens within the African bush stirs something inside all folks. Whether old or young, there’s an attraction to the good mysteries of the moon, planets, and stars that seems as old as time. The celestial bodies mean various things to different people or groups of individualsa number of these feelings are written, but most aren’tthis text will mention a couple of myths you’ll not have heard about the night skies of Africa.

A South African winter night provides the best view of the Milky Way that only a few other places on the Earth can provide. The night sky is a dominant feature in the premises of  Kruger National Park. This park attracts a large number of stargazers from around the world, mostly during the winters during which the night sky is at its peak beauty.

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Mauna Kea, Hawaii, USA

Mauna Kea is a dormant volcanic mountain which is located at approximately 4,205m above sea level. It is also the highest point in the state of Hawaii whose very size gives the island the reputation of being the second-highest in the world! The mountain peak of Mauna Kea holds accommodation for the world’s largest astronomical observatory, where visitors are treated to the most spectacular views of the beautiful sky at any time of the day. With over 300 clear skies all year round, you can watch the sun setting over a sea of clouds. The most awaiting spectacle is seen as the day turns into night, when the stars come out one by one until the entire sky is filled with millions of them.

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