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Television Shows For Teens During The 90’s

Oh! We used to love the 90s. That period brought us some pretty wince-worthy style and exquisiteness drifts. But the one thing which was right among the rightest was television shows. It was time for Friends, Seinfeld, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and Full House. Yes! there exist some Television series and shows that don’t get the required appreciation.

Like the ones that remain the mainstream shows! Every span delivers trinkets that go missing by time. This issue covers the top shows of the ’90s. Those trinkets that went missing making sure the classic touch of the ’90s isn’t completely forgotten! The ’90s were sealed with implausible television shows, to be precise this can also be called the golden age of teenage television.

It’s making us comprehend what began our fascination with binging into shows. As we’ve never witnessed Television before! It’s high time we dive deep into the annals of the ’90s teen series. And start spreading the essence of it. So, let’s take a getaway to the ’90s, appreciate television shows that made us laugh, cry, shout!

Teen Angel

Teen Angel Season 1 Episode 3


1997–1998, aired in ABC. A transitory part of ABC’s unfailing “TGIF” lineup. Teen Angel trailed the tale of Marty, a high school lad who expires from consuming a six-months-old hamburger due to a dare. And is sent back to the earth to be his friend Steve’s guardian angel. Ron Glass portrayed the ghostly orange head who led Marty through his afterlife escapades.

USA High


Jackson Green sings 'Had A Little Too Much To Dream' on 'USA High ...

1997–1999, aired in the USA network. Peter Engel, the mastermind behind the Saved by the Bell franchise, produced this show. When about six friends registered at the “American Academy” school in Paris, France. Notable invitee stars included Shannon Elizabeth, Mario Lopez, and Kelly Packard.

Brotherly Love

A 'Brotherly Love' Revival With Joey, Matthew and Andrew Lawrence ...

1995–1997, aired in NBC/The WB. A coincidental to vitrine the three Lawrence brothers in a single frame. When they were the seamless heartthrobs for exactly three different age groups. Joey, for those who were going through puberty; Matthew, for those still looking for someone non-menacing and Andrew, for the petite one’s going to get in on their elder sister’s Teen Beat trickeries.

It wasn’t good, but damn they were adorable!

Swan’s Crossing

1992, syndication. It was a teen drama that was podcasted for just 13 weeks. But, the world received a favor by presenting the future Buffy, the Vampire Slayer; Sarah Michelle Gellar. She portrayed the well-heeled descendant of the mayor of Swan’s clan. A seaside town wedge with political plotting and personal play. Perhaps, was this the portent to Laguna Beach?

Weird Science

Weird Science (TV Series 1994–1998) - IMDb

1994–1998, aired in USA Network. This television show was based out of the 1985 film. It had fewer zeroes in the box-off digits. But it showcased a kid who portrayed Wyatt who was adorable. He stole the show most of the time. Just like in films, thick-friends Gary and Wyatt form a computer imitation of a faultless woman. She is brought to life where she helps them with high school.

Fun fact: The woman who portrayed Lisa, Vanessa Angel; was one of the leads of IMDB’s vilest-rated film, Super-Babies: Baby Geniuses 2!

Malibu Shores

Malibu Shores (TV Series 1996) - Photo Gallery - IMDb

1996, aired on NBC. An Aaron envisaging youth drama. Featuring Keri “Felicity” Russell, Charisma “Cordelia” Carpenter, and Tony “the fella from The Mickey Mouse Club. She went on to become the voice of Tony and irritated Xtina for purpose no one unstated it. It also presented Tori’s brother Randy Implying a character named “Flipper Gage”.

Malibu Shores was a classic urbanite vs. rich lad’s backdrop. It looked intended for years of tacky Melrose-style gee. But, it was a dud and was sadly annulled after 10 episodes.

City Guys

8 '90s Shows We Want to Have Stage Reunions on The Tonight Show ...

1997–2001, aired on NBC. City guys also fell under the category of another Engel school-based comedy genre. City Guys was super-comparable to b the bar by the bell but in a tad pricklier urban backdrop. The show fixated on Jamal and Chris; two people who were frenemies. Later turned into best friends.

The theme song was banging: “C-I-T-Y”. One can very well witness why these lads, are shrewd and streetwise!

8. Odd Man Out

1999–2000, aired in ABC. The last series to have a debut on the ABC’s classic “TGIF” block. Odd Man Out persisted only one season. It featured Bop babe Erik von Detten, so it ruled the roost then. He played the shoes of Andrew, the only guy under the roof where he was walled by females!

ABC deceptively recognized that this show’s plot was a tad weak. Since all the promotions viable for the show just frolicked the junkiness of EVD.

Hang Time

Retro Rewind: 'Hang Time' - That Grape Juice

1995–2000, aired on NBC. This show roams around a high school youngsters’ basketball squad. With just one female performer, it was famous for spinning cast members and hobbling characters.  Almost every season with just two actors retained within the show, throughout its run!

Former NFL player Dick Butkus portrayed Coach Mike Katowinski in seasons 4 as well as in 6. The show presented guest arrivals from a http://theshoalspharmacy.com diverse group of NBA stars like Gary Payton and Kobe Bryant.

Captain Vyom

This show showcased science fiction to a new height altogether. Showcasing the top stars of that while. Milind Soman, Nethra Raghuraman, Dino Morea, Madhu Sapre, and Rahul Bose, were some of the top actors cast by the show. Certainly, this was one of the favorites shows that topped many youngster’s lists!

Banegi Apni Baat

Depicting a city college love, pain, and baiting this show was a sum-up of a teen’s life. It was a huge hit among teenagers and adults as well. Though schoolkids were told to no watch the episodes, they succeeded in taking a sneak peek of them!

Filmi Chakkar

A film-fanatical family consisting of a husband, wife, two kids, and a Dadi. With Bollywood beating their hearts, the perfect filmy problems and solutions to it added good TRP-ratings to its believable filmy content!

Vikram Aur Betaal

Indian folk tales and fiction are so ironic that we might not look to the West to amuse us in the 90s. For example, this ghostly but oh-so-fascinating story of King Vikram and Betaal the vampire!

विक्रम बेताल की रहस्यमयी कहानियां व ...


Dekh Bhai Dekh

A family with all types of eccentricities and peculiarities! With the top conceivable cast and astounding witty timing, this show succeeded in winning everyone’s heart. Clatters among three compeers living under the same roof and their routine troubles make for a perfect hilarious watch.


Check out what the actors of Dekh Bhai Dekh look like now - BookMyShow


Didn’t you just start to whine the title song? Presenting one of the beguiling title tracks, Indian TV’s most notable fanatical series Chandrakanta had the greatest overwhelming characters. From Kroor Singh to Rupmati and Shani, the list keeps going. It gave us the finest of love stories and importantly melodramatic villains knotted together in an extremely twisted conspiracy! we all loved its twisted content.


Chandrakanta (TV Series 1994– ) - IMDb

Hum Paanch

This show had a faultless formula for comedy. Hum Paanch presented a niggling wife, five un-synchronized, and dysfunctional daughters with their unique ways of preserving life. A speaking portrayal of the first dead wife and amidst all, the husband discovering it hard to last in the female-conquered house!


‘Sorry Shaktimaan’ – Do you have a count on how many times you have said this phrase? We are grateful to this serial for presenting us with our all-time favorite superhero. It had a gigantic impact on the 90s kids. Many of us went to the extent of wearing this costume to luster among our gang of friends!

The actors of Shaktimaan: Where are they now? | Entertainment News ...

TV series describes circumstances that can happen in reality as well. They are more exciting to view compared to movies. Also, directors split the story between many episodes so, their viewers can watch every new episode leading to the long-term run of the show. There are so many classic and standard 90s TV shows, that I bided to have put on this article.

But, when started to list-out the pages went filled-up on its own. The 90s didn’t run short of top telly serials and shows and we can bet to think of a few more titles too! Indian TV, especially in the 90s, had so much to bid and provide to all possible age groups. It was a period when shows with a brittle description believable yet intriguing stories and narration kept us glued to our seats.

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Before the devious mothers-in-law and boisterous spouses took over the daily soaps, the ’90s was a time when the complete family  We would come together over a meal and laugh away the day’s tiredness through this innocent humor provided. To those of us who were raised in those times, ain’t we blessed? Wait did I leave any?

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