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Top Ten Most Popular Jobs Among Psychopaths

Ah, psychopaths. Our favourite type of people. Not really, of course. But the inner workings of their minds have always baffled us, intrigued us. Psychopaths statistically, make about one percent of the total human population on earth. Which means, right now, there are a hundred million people in this world, who, are essentially, psychopaths, by nature. Which also means, that you may have just met a psychopath in the past few days. And not have realized it. Well, we shall list out the top ten jobs that psychopaths practice, so watch out, for it could be anyone.

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10.Civil Servant

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In its textbook definition, a civil servant is somebody who’s been employed and works in the public sector, for a government agency. With long hours, corruption to combat, little to no gratitude for their jobs and efforts, civil servants face a lot of pressure and that amount of pressure is enough to ruin anyone. PMB- U.S’s Archive of Medical and Health Journals documents that in a prospective analysis of participants with no symptoms, there was a ninety-five percent chance of depression and anxiety in employees working for more than 55 hours a week, which is a requisite for almost all civil servants.


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With all those knives everywhere, chopping away, wouldn’t anyone go a little cuckoo? But, jokes aside, chefs have minimal contact with customers, often engrossed in their own cooking. Cooking requires precision, deliberation, perfection and an incredible sense of time management. And the obsession with any of these characteristics could trigger mental disorders like OCD and anxiety.

8.Clergy Person

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Religion is an institution people tend to believe blindly, often following con artists propagating false ideologies and dogmas. Psychopaths are considered to be manipulative, calculating with no sense of moral code of conduct, hence preferring a job where they use people, and manipulate them for their own personal benefit. In a 2004 research study by the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, 4,392 Catholic priests and deacons in active ministry between 1950 and 2002 have been plausibly (neither withdrawn nor disproven) accused of under-age sexual abuse by 10,667 individuals.

7. Police Officer

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Psychopaths are not just saw-wielding serial killers. People who are generally classified as psychopaths are often calm under stress, collected and have no conscience. Making them perfect for stress-intensive jobs. Police officers often interact with criminals and can’t afford to have compassion for hardened ones. Having minimal emotional attachment helps them in hostile interactions, crowd control during protests, riots etc.

6. Journalist

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As we said earlier, psychopaths are very calm under stressful situations. They are also, charming, witty, and manipulative at times, often getting people to believe and support them. Journalism is one of the most perfect professions, where psychopaths can control masses with the way they portray mainstream news and opinions.


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A job that requires unrelenting focus and almost insane precision. Surgeons focus on the minute details all the time, controlling and coordinating intense and long surgeries. Stress immunity is one of the most required qualities in a surgeon and this quality often renders them with a personality edging more on psychopathic than average. Surgeons have to make difficult, unemotional decisions on a daily basis, and hence being psychopathic actually does help them.

4. Salesperson

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A salesperson essentially convinces and charms people into buying his/her product. A high amount of EQ, patience, and the interest and talent of manipulating others is required. Being relentless, charming, having an interest to take uncalculated risks are the normal psychopathic tendencies usually found in salesmen. These tendencies are also essential at times for them to progress in their jobs fast, despite the competition.

3. Media (TV/Radio)

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Just as normal, average human beings, psychopaths are multi-dimensional. They have unique characteristics, good and bad which set them apart from everyone else. Studies have shown that psychopaths can often be narcissistic and self-absorbed. Such characteristics call for public intensive jobs, that is, jobs that interact on a large magnitude with the public. Being a media person helps with exactly that.

2. Lawyer.

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We’ve heard innumerable lawyer jokes from around the dinner table from our childhood. Tales and jokes of lies, deceit, corruption by lawyers have made their way into mainstream comedy and continue to prevail. A lawyer’s job is conventionally to convince a judge/jury, of a client’s innocence, regardless of it. For this, it is almost a pre-requisite that a Lawyer has to be calculating, manipulative, charming enough, calm and collected even while facing the almost complete risk of failing, which are all key psychopathic tendencies.


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Being a psychopath goes both ways. A good thing for stress intensive jobs, psychopathy creates a condition in people called ‘resilience to chaos’. This could enable them to either keep their cool during the chaos and flourish or create chaos for those around them, casting them in a good light.

CEOs are often this brand of psychopaths. They thrive in chaos, taking well-rounded decisions even while facing adverse risks such as the company shutting down. CEOs can flourish under pressure and take unemotional decisions, often not caring for elemental issues, like employees’ conditions, the environmental impact of their actions, qualifying them for the top of our list.


So did you like our list of psychopaths? If you have any additions, or arguments to the above, please do not hesitate to leave a word.

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