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Under-rated Bollywood Inspirational Movies

Under-rated Inspirational Movies

Inspiration not only comes from an inspirational book but also from movies. Inspiration is a state of being influenced mentally or emotionally by a person, a book, a movie or anything else. Inspirational movies have that much capacity to leave an immortal impact on the human mind. Here is the list of those inspirational movies which are underrated


Iqbal Movie Poster

This movie can be best described through its song ‘Aashayein’.

“Aashaayein khile dil ki,

ummeedein hase dil ki,

ab mushkil nahin kuch bhi, nahin kuchh bhi”

Iqbal is a deaf and mute boy, who dreams of playing cricket for India. At the end of the story, he reaches the ultimate end of his desire after facing many obstacles. We get to know from this story that it depends on us whether to be known as a ‘differently-abled person’ or ‘disabled’ one.

Hawa Hawai(2014)

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The story is all about Arjun Harishchand Waghmare and his dream to skate. Being working in a tea stall, he dares to dream. It is a well-known fact that everyone dreams but very few in them dare to work for it. To dream and to begin is the hardest thing one can do. In the story, he is encountered with day-to-day hardships but he does not lose his hope but worked with another level of enthusiasm and labor. But one’s labor can only worth it when it is under the right guidance.

I Am Kalam (2011)

I Am Kalam Photos

A story of a boy Chotu, who gets his inspiration from the personality of our former President of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, a brilliant leader. No one’s personality can be more inspirational than him. Such a fantastic leader, ‘Missile Man of India’, a person who has devoted all his life to research, writing and spreading education.  He is portrayed as a positive influence on that poor Rajasthani boy Chotu who renames himself, Kalam, in honor of his idol.

Hawaizadaa (2015)

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A story based on true events, inspired by the biography of Shivkar Bapuji Talpade who is credited with having constructed India’s first unmanned plane. Still, we have a long way to go in space research works and making interested one’s awareness about its past, present and future can be the best thing to encourage their interest in this field. He was boycotted by his family but did not give on his dream. He managed to find his way to the destination.

In the end, he flies away and thus becoming the first person to ride in a flying machine.


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