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What is DOLBY ATMOS?-Name which every theatre highlights

Dolby Atmos allows a massive 128 audio tracks to be distributed in theatre. Each audio track can be assigned to an audio channel. By default it consists 10-channel 7.1.2 leaving 118 tracks for objects. This provides a dynamic experience of a helicopter or rain.

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During playback, each theater’s Dolby Atmos system renders the audio objects in real-time such that each sound is coming from its designated spot with respect to the loudspeakers present in the target theater. By way of contrast, traditional multi channel technology essentially burns all the source audio tracks into a fixed number of channels during post-production.

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This has traditionally forced the re-recording mixer to make assumptions about the playback environment that may not apply very well to a particular theater. The addition of audio objects allow the mixer to be more creative, to bring more sounds off the screen, and be confident of the results.

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